Keep calm and enjoy sexual experience

enjoy sexual experienceAs they say the problems with nerves can be a reason for a wide range of diseases and the erectile dysfunction is one of them. And here Viagra can be useless until the reason is removed. When we speak about ED, now the researchers insist that it appears to be even more significant than doctors believed before. The influence of damaged nerves is underestimated because the latest study shows that almost 70 % of the observed patients suffering sexual deviations have nerve damage. And the connection is as much obvious as with heart diseases consisting risk factors for ED. Of course the scientists say that these assumptions should be proved and correlated but still they are observed.

Symptoms of nerve damage

Sometimes the patients can feel burning or tingling and do not pay attention to that slight discomfort. But still if there is no idea what can cause the unexplained and strange pain and it is lasting for a long time then you should turn to a physician, to diagnose the condition. With high degree of probability it can be associated with nerves and you can get relief easily when the deviation is at an initial stage being mild. The visit to a doctor should not be postponed as far as the nerve damage can lead to serious consequences and initiate some unpleasant side effects like erectile dysfunction.

When there are problems with nerves, one can see a wide range of symptoms depending on the type of nerves damaged. Moreover, this affection can happen to brain or spinal nerves or wherever throughout the rest of a body. It can cause bladder dysfunction, chest pain, such as angina, and be confused with heart attack. The patient can start sweating too much or on the contrary too little. Dry mouth and eyes are observed. If the motor nerves are damaged, then it can cause muscle atrophy or even paralysis. And one of the symptoms is a sexual disorder – not the most dangerous, do not you think?

Causes of Nerve Damage

As you know the nerves deliver the various sensations to the brain and that allows people to feel satisfaction and pain in addition to other emotions and feelings. It is clear that problems with messaging system can reduce sexual drive and lead to ruining processes. Any signal has its purpose and when the nerves are damaged, they send signals without actual cause and purpose.

When does the nerve become damaged? – It can be injured physically or influenced by other disease like tumors pressing on surrounding nerves, diabetes with high level of glucose in blood and others. Sometimes, certain treatments can ruin the nerves.

Besides we can mention repetitive stress, vitamin deficiencies, and even hormone imbalances leading to the above problems. So, in order to keep your nerves healthy and as the result enjoy sexual drive and steady erection, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, be happy and keep calm under any circumstances.


In order to get rid of the above described problems a patient should cope with the underlying circumstances leading to that health condition. It means it is needed to regulate blood sugar level, change the attitude to meal correcting nutritional deficiencies. Perhaps it is necessary to refuse some medications and agree on physical therapy or surgery if it is recommended by a doctor. In addition, a physician certainly offers some tabs decreasing the pain. It is clear that when the case is difficult the sexual desire will hardly appear. But when the nerve damage is not very severe, a man can have a sexual drive and be involved in sex.

If you face the erectile dysfunction caused by nerve damaged, while treating the reason, just take cialis 20mg or even the tabs of more strength and improve your mood by having sex. Though, it is the subject for consultations with a doctor whether a patient with particular nerve damage is allowed having sex.

More details about this matter you can find on website Just trust the professionals and do not refuse sex just because you do not understand that there is a connection between your different health conditions. Removing the reason you regain the sexual life that you have before problems with nerves have appeared.

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

What is Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction, also called as impotence, is a burning issue for millions of men around the world. It causes a lot of physical and psychological problems, but can be treated successfully.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

This is an inability to control erection and ejaculation, lowering of libido and sexual desire. Besides, it affects men’s health, too, leading to urinary tract inflammations and prostate in some cases. The problem is typical of about half of men aged 40 and more.


The main sign of the disease is lack of ability to keep hard on for sexual activity. Other symptoms of erectile dysfunction depend on what causes it. It may manifest into pains during erection, and in that case it may be conditioned by an artery disease that narrows penile arteries. Another type of ED is priapism – long-lasting (usually more than four hours) erections that are painful and occur without sexual stimulation. And, of course, problems with erection may be conditioned by psychological problems and stress, which results into low sexual desire and fear of sexual activity.


Some of reasons for erectile dysfunction have already been mentioned, but, in fact, men’s health may be affected by a huge list of factors such as:

  • narrowing of penile vessels caused by diabetes, artery diseases, hypertension (high pressure of blood), high cholesterol level, etc.
  • hormonal disorders;
  • injuries;
  • going through surgeries recently;
  • using of some medications;
  • stress, anxiety and fatigue;
  • depression;
  • problems in relations.

How to differentiate what is the reason for the complication? If impotence appears occasionally, causes may be psychological, but if erection does not come in all circumstances, causes are more likely to be physical.

When to Visit a Doctor?

If erectile dysfunction lasts for a month or more, it may be conditioned by serious health disorders, which is why you need to contact your doctor. He may prescribe tests, diagnostics and some erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. Another reason to visit hospital is Peyronie’s disease (curving of penis) that may cause erection problems. And, of course, if you realize that impotence is triggered by relations with your partner, there is point in talking to a psychologist.


To define what are the causes of impotence and how serious it is, a doctor may ask you about taking drugs, alcohol or medications. He may also ask your sexual history to clear up whether there are some psychological factors, or not. Diagnostic may comprise some other procedures, read more about it on:


The type of treatment also depends on what is conditioning impotence. If erectile dysfunction is conditioned by health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disorders), they should be treated first to eliminate the root of the problem. In most cases, it helps to restore normal erection without additional therapy.

If a man’s lifestyle is unhealthy, he may be recommended to change some habits. For instance, those who have problems with erection should:

  1. Eliminate stress.
  2. Reduce alcohol consumption.
  3. Give up smoking and taking drugs.
  4. Lose weight (if necessary).
  5. Exercise regularly.

To boost blood flow to penile vessels and improve erection, herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction can also be used. There are many orthodox and over-the-counter medications that improve virility and libido. But the most effective and popular remedies are Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors that boost blood flow to penis far more effectively. These include:

  • Viagra
  • Levitra
  • Spedra
  • Cialis

If erectile dysfunction’s causes are diagnosed correctly, a doctor can prescribe treatment that will quickly solve the problem. Impotence is not a life-long condition – it can be eliminated in most cases without much effort and tortures.

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