Erection Problems. How To Help With Male Impotence?

A rare man, even at age, will calmly accept erection problems. And if guy isn`t yet 30, then impotence is something akin to end of the world. What could be cause of impotence, and is it possible to restore normal functioning of most important male organ?

In fact, there are two groups of erectile dysfunction causes – physiological (caused, for example, by diabetes mellitus or hypertension) and psychological. If main problem is health, then, alas, one can`t do without trip to doctor. But to solve psychological problems it`s enough to have few consultations with psychologist or even confidential conversation with your permanent woman.

How to find out problem is psychological impotence or physiological?

Diseases that provoke sexual impotence in men develop gradually and gradually bring more and more discord in intimate life. Subtle hint that you need to pay attention to general condition of body, is absence of morning erections, premature ejaculation, or vice versa – achievement of ejaculation only after long and exhausting intercourse. Physiological causes are actually quite rare.

And psychological impotence occurs in perfectly healthy man who, for example, has experienced stress, scandal, divorce. Often it can come not immediately, but after a while, measured in days, weeks, months, years (this is purely individual). There are also cases of primary impotence. Their causes are genital pathology or dysfunction of certain branches of nervous system.

Secondary impotence is often caused by man’s doubts about whether he is able to satisfy his partner, or fear of refusal. Even if fears weren`t justified, guy feels his inability to cope with situation. This is typical for young guys who have modest sex experience.

If such doubts are causes of erectile dysfunction, then few visits to sex therapist, psychologist or psychotherapist are enough to explain groundlessness of such fears, because everything depends on man himself. Sometimes reasons lie in overwork, lack of amino acids, vitamins, irregular graphics, workaholism, or certain personal psychological reason, which may be imperceptible even to man himself. However, this is also not physiological problem and is also detected and solved with help of psychotherapist or psychologist who specializes in sexual problems.

Often, in order to eliminate psychological impotence, it`s necessary to analyze relationship with permanent partner, because in fact, not separate man needs help, but couple whose relationship has reached impasse — impotence is only sign of disorder. Sometimes cause of impotence becomes, for example, chronic fatigue or depression.

What to do?

But often the partner herself can help, if she shows patience, love and fantasy. Tenderness, caress, striptease with requirement to wait for logical completion of situation (forbidden fruit is very exciting) – in the struggle for stable erection, all means are good.

If nothing helps, you have to take notorious medicines, and in especially critical cases, men even decide on operation in which special prosthesis is sewn into penis. Implant will help to bring body into martial state when man wishes, but to hurry with such cardinal measures, if there is opportunity to “agree with limb in amicable way, definitely not worth it.

If you have problems with potency and there is suspicion that cause is not of physiological nature, don`t expect that everything will pass by itself. Each successive failure is superimposed on psyche, and then you will have to deal with much larger burden – not only with stress, which caused problems with potency, but also with painful perception of failures.