Fear of sexual intimacy: causes and methods of deliverance

Fear of sex is common phobia that is easy to overcome if you know source of problem and solutions. How to overcome fear and become happy in intimate life? Fear of intimate relationships is familiar not only to young people and girls, even adults with great experience are faced with psychological problems in sex. Why is it that such a pleasant activity – sex, gives rise to fear and other negative emotions?

Causes of phobias

Origins of problem may lie as in person’s childhood, as well as be contrived. Knowing reason for this behavior, you can easily find problem solution.

Childhood psychological trauma

Perhaps that is most difficult cause of phobias. Children, especially girls, could once be faced with some form of violence against their immunity. Boys can also suffer psychological trauma. But here reason may be in parents attitude to issues of sex education.

For example, if mother once “caught” teenage son behind masturbation and instilled in him that this occupation is very dirty and shameful, then boy may form fear of intimacy.

What to do?

If girl or young man is still suffering from childhood injuries, it is worth going to competent psychologist. We have in our hands happy future filled with joy from intimacy, therefore one cannot run away from one’s sexual side of personality.

Bad past experience

Fear of sexual relations can be caused by negative experiences. In his psychology, person is more inclined to “get stuck” in negative memories. Therefore, each time before possible intimate rapprochement, past memories emerge in memory, not allowing you to enjoy moment.

Young people who once failed to have sexual intercourse can worry about their “inferiority” for a long time. Fear of new failure is stronger than desire to have sex with partner.

What to do?

If you are haunted by negative experience, and you cannot overcome fear of sex, try to work through these emotions:

  • Concentrate on possible positive points in intimacy, often recall positive experience of rapprochement with partners.
  • Share your emotions with partner. Close trusting relationships will help cope with phobias.

Men can overcome fear and become more confident with drugs that enhance erection. But don`t get involved in potency stimulants, if there are no physical causes of weak erection, try to remove psychological sources of problem.

Complexes and self-doubt

Fear of entering into close relationship can be caused by complexes about appearance:

  • More often this phobia affects women. They have complex about overweight, cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks and other alleged defects in appearance.  
  • Men can avoid sex for fear of being ridiculed by their partner because of modest size of their dignity.

What to do?

All complexes about appearance are often far-fetched. Even if there really are drawbacks, this is no reason to deny yourself pleasures of sex.

Fear of getting pregnant and getting STD

Fear of sex is often caused by objective reasons, for example, girl is afraid of getting pregnant or becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

Most often, this phobia manifests itself to new partner with whom trust hasn`t yet developed. Man may also be afraid of unexpectedly becoming father or becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

What to do?  

Possible pregnancy and illness isn`t a reason to completely abstain from sex. Today there are tools that prevent unwanted pregnancy and protect against viruses and diseases of genital area.

Of course, they all don`t provide 100% protection. But you can overcome fear of sex if you don`t enter into close relationship with person with whom you haven`t yet established relationship of trust.

Sex is important area of ​​human life, the basis of harmonious family union, so it’s not necessary to hush up problems. Full sexual life is possible if partners trust each other and feel free to talk about their phobias.