How to diversify sex life?

If “ordinary” sex life is bored with you or you want to show man that you are “still that little thing,” here are tips on how to diversify your relationship.

We start with clothes

Often, to change your sex life for better, you can start small – buy new erotic lingerie, lace peignoir, for more advanced – nurse costume, flight attendants, housekeepers, students. These are traditional images of sexual fantasies of stronger sex, desperately promoted by men’s magazines.

99 percent of men get excited. But wearing, one suit isn`t enough – you need to behave accordingly, let game of host and housekeeper or student and teacher be fun for both of you.

Add “soft and fluffy”

Touches stimulate desire and liberate. In sexual life, it isn`t only important to touch with hands and lips – other soft and fluffy objects are able to excite much more, sexologists say.

Therefore, if you want to diversify your sex life, stock up with handcuffs, feathers, tassels, whips with fur. When you use them, tie your partner’s eyes, so he can focus on touch and surrender to pleasure, throwing all problems out of his head. Even sexologists, if possible, are advised to make love on fur carpet or skin of animal.

Write erotic novel

Sexologists together with psychologists in one voice say – you want to know erotic addictions and fantasies of your half, offer to write him together erotic novel, or at least story. Nuance – you have to write on behalf of man, and your man on behalf of woman – so you show each other how your partner sees his sexual partner. The more the better!

You can draw

If you express your desires and preferences in sex in “text” form, partners are embarrassed, suggest drawing. This is great way to relax and tune in to desired wave. Well, again, if you’ll draw together, each his own, and then share your fantasies with each other.

As sexologists say, during drawing imagination is played out and there is overwhelming desire to try everything in practice. Plus you can see which women your man fantasizes about.

Look for new places for sex

New places inflame passion much more efficiently than the home bed explored far and wide. Try to diversify your sex life by trying new places. Simplest option is sauna.

Bring aroma candles, massage oils, you can agree and remove real massage room in some salon and make your partner erotic massage with aroma oils. Don`t know how, read our material. There are many options, turn on your imagination, new sensations wouldn`t keep you waiting. Other options – car, secluded beach, haystack, boat in middle of river, you can think of many.


Dances not only bring together, but also help attraction. Choose passionate dancing – latino, tango or salsa. If your partner doesn`t want to dance in any way, act yourself, sign up for belly dance lessons or stipplasty. Sexually, you will definitely relax, be able to add new notes of passion and fire to your relationship, and, on occasion, show your dancing skills to men.

Dream of man of dreams

This is especially true for women. Since our brain and sexual zones are working in tandem, then why not dream up. Imagine man of your dreams and brightest erotic fantasies that you carefully hid in your subconscious. Naturally, with him.

Sexologists say that after month of such “training” you will be in bed and think and act in new way, which will visibly revive your sex life.