Specialists who work with erectile problems

Sexual dysfunction is caused by many psychological and physical problems. Thus the treatment may assume complex approach. Some men feel embarrassed about discussing their sexual health with a doctor. However, only medical examination helps to find proper therapy methods.

At one point you may start from simple visiting a physician. At another point erectile dysfunction problems are more likely to be examined with a professional sex therapist. As they are often connected with mental health, visiting a psychologist is also a viable option.


  • Doctors for Erectile Dysfunction


Specialized clinics usually offer an integrated range of services. It helps to direct patients to the required specialist within the clinic facilities. You may start from a primary physical examination to realize what could be the initial cause of your problem and work on a strategy of further research.

Primary care therapist

These specialists conduct primary physical examination, which may help to determine an underlying reason for a sexual dysfunction. Comprehensive medical investigation usually gives adequate results for further referring to other specialists.


These doctors specialize not only on the male urinary tract, but also on reproductive health. They may clarify and differentiate diagnosis, because urinary and sexual systems in male’s body are strongly connected. There is widespread misconception that urologists deal only with issues of men’s health. Also actually they may be family doctors as well.


Hormone status is vital for men’s reproductive health. To check levels of hormone a resident should get a prescription and appointment from doctor. Usually patients with erectile problems are tested on their testosterone levels. Though there are few other factors that may cause sexual disorders. Transcripting the results of the analysis depends on the laboratory and may take from one day to a week and even more. Although very little things give the same result as precise biochemical analyzes.


Mental health issues are very important in treating sexual dysfunction. Psychologists may determine the initial reason that caused erectile disorder and help you to get rid of it. Often sexual dysfunction is connected with low self-estimation, high level of anxiety and negative experience of past relationships. And only thorough work on these problems with personal psychotherapist may help to find a solurtion.

What does a doctor want to know?

To examine erectile dysfunction reasons, any specialists need more information about his patient. That is why doctors ask so many questions during primary medical examination. Special issues may concern individual physical, psychological and sexual history. It’s better to answer all questions carefully and honestly.

Experts say that generally doctors want to examine:

  • common problems with health and chronic diseases
  • sexual desire changes
  • other sexual problems (e.g. do you have a morning erection or may you cause it with masturbation)
  • frequency of erectile dysfunction episodes
  • is there anything that provokes sexual dysfunction
  • psychological and mental health problems, stress factors
  • drugs and OTC supplements taken
  • information about your lifestyle (including drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes

What could you ask?

The effectiveness of sexual dysfunction therapy depends on a patient’s participation in problem. That is why you should ask questions to your doctor as well. If you want to determine all underlying factors, you may ask a doctor:

  • What is an initial reason of my problems to your mind
  • What types of medical examinations do I need?
  • Is this problem temporary or long-standing?
  • What drug will be more effective for me?
  • Are there some alternative options?
  • Are there some side-effects from my ED prescription?
  • Do I need special diet or should I avoid some drugs?
  • Are there some other specialists I need to visit?